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From food prep to prepping careers, we expose you to more than just good food. Bento is where hard work, wholeheartedness, and a sense of humor can steer your career. We’re not just a restaurant; Bento is a collaborative and creative space – from our sushi chefs🍣 to our wok masters🔥

Check out our awesome work perks:

  • FREE meals (Get our signature Pao Pao® dish for FREE during your shift😋)
  • FREE uniforms
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid leave to get COVID vaccine
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Learn new skills – fire it up on the wok or roll sushi like a pro
  • Competitive pay of up to $18/hour
  • Professional career development
  • Growth opportunities (DYK 65% of our current managers started as team members?!)
  • Up to $500 per Referral bonus for you AND a friend that joins the Bento fam
  • Health, dental, & vision insurance

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Who we are


Since 2002, we’ve specialized in tasty sushi rolls, bowls, bento boxes, and boba teas. There are now 23 BENTO locations in Florida, still family-owned and operated by brothers Jimmy and Johnny Tung, with over 1000 exceptional team members and more plans to grow! As our BENTO storefronts continue to pop up, so do the frequently asked questions of our BENTO fam. You asked, and we have the answers. Let’s dive right in.

Which sauce is the most popular?

The most popular sauces that we offer at BENTO are spicy mayo and white sauce, no contest😉. Both of these sauces pair well with many kitchen and sushi dishes. Experiment with both and find your favorite combination! 😌

What’s your favorite item on the BENTO menu?

For this question, we asked our Front of House Team member and Marketing Intern, Cole: “My favorite is what I call the ‘Cole Special’. This masterpiece is a white rice base topped with our Veggie Stir Fry Chicken entree. What makes this special? The hack is to make it level 2 spicy and order it with a side of white sauce. 🤤”

What are some menu hacks?

For those who wish their favorite entree was spicy (if it isn’t already), you’re in for some good news 😉. While ordering your desired meal, ask the cashier to ring it in with a spice level of 1 through 3. How hot can you go 🔥 ? Other menu hacks include adding mixed veggies to most dishes, substituting extra rice or noodles for the salad and string beans in a box, selecting mixed veggies as a base for your bowl, and subbing out the seasonal side in a sushi combo box for wakame instead.

Anything new coming up?

We’ll be spilling some major TEA soon 😉. Stay tuned and stay thirsty, BENTO fam. Follow our Instagram account for all the updates and more!

What comes in a bento box and can I customize it?

Our bento box comes with five sides that consist of the following: Ginger salad, lo mein, rice, string beans, and a wonton chip dessert. Not a big veggie fan? Swap out the string beans for extra noodles or rice 😋. All sides can be substituted for any already existing side that we serve in our bento boxes. What’s your favorite side of the five? 😯

What are some recommendations for first-timers??

The most popular item on the menu is Pao Pao. This entree is a fan favorite, and highly addictive (you’ve been warned 😉) for good reason. Nice and crispy on the outside, the sauce can best be described as creamy and sweet with a little bit of spice to round things out. Aside from Pao Pao, you can never go wrong with a Build-a-Poke bowl. Start by choosing your base, and then add your proteins, toppings, additions, and sauce. With so many options, the possibilities are endless.

What’s vegetarian-friendly on the menu?

The BENTO menu has quite a few vegetarian options. These entrees include Korean, Sesame Stir Fry, Pad Thai, Red Coconut Curry, Yellow Coconut Curry, Szechuan, Orange, Pineapple Sweet and Sour, and Sriracha Garlic. Aside from Pad Thai, all the aforementioned entrees can come with a base of your choosing: udon noodles or rice. On the sushi side of the menu, we suggest trying out our veggie roll or even creating your own vegetarian poke bowl. 😋

Why are some BENTO locations blue-themed and not red-themed?

This goes waaayy back. Let’s rewind to 2002. When the first Bento opened in Gainesville, it was themed with blue decor. When its sister location opened five years later in 2007, its design, in contrast, was mainly red. And so, the terms “Bento Blue” and “Bento Red” were originally coined as a way for locals to easily distinguish the two locations. Blue and red also symbolize the duality of the menu — blue indicating cold sushi and red repping the kitchen side with dishes hot off the wok and grill. Although a majority of Bento locations are considered “red,” we’ve been slowly going back to blue 💙❤️ Our latest blue additions to our BENTO storefronts are located in Orlando Lake Nona and Jacksonville Riverside. 🔵

What should I order if I want a rice bowl, but I also want lo mein?

Our best suggestion is to order a bento box with your favorite meal and to substitute the string beans and salad for extra rice and lo mein. If you’ve got a picky eater in your company (kids, we’re looking at you), this is the way to go. 😂

Are you hiring at any locations?

We are currently hiring for all positions at all locations. If you’re looking for a fast-paced work environment with a friendly and supportive environment, then look no further. 🥰 Apply online today!