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How to Celebrate Lunar New Year with BENTO

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From Vietnam all the way to China, Lunar New Year is the most festive holiday in many Asian countries! Dating back to the 14th century B.C., Lunar New Year features food thought to bring good fortune into the upcoming year. BENTO continues this tradition by featuring menu items that will bring you more than good fortune, they’ll satisfy all your pan-Asian cravings💕. To get you ready for this Lunar New Year, BENTO will provide insight on how some of our menu items relate to Chinese tradition and history – specifically how to bring luck, prosperity, and longevity to the new year.


Spring rolls, whose crispy and golden outer shells resemble gold bullion bars, and dumplings, whose shape resembles ancient gold currency, are said to bring wealth and prosperity to those who consume them 💸.  With that symbolism behind them, you’re probably wondering, “where’s the dough 🤑?” (don’t worry, we got you) 😉. To remedy this dilemma, we have one mighty solution for you… try eating more spring rolls! On February 25th, we will be offering FREE spring rolls or dumplings with your online pickup order of $15 or more. Login and use code “PROSPERITY” at checkout. 🥳


Doubling down on the theme of fortune💰✨, Asian pomelo fruits are also revered for their ability to attract wealth. Historically presented by Chinese emperors to his officers during special occasions, it is no surprise these citrus fruits hold such significance. On February 18th, get a $6 Orange Chicken or Tofu Rice Bowl for pickup when you login and use code “WEALTH” on our online ordering site or our mobile app.



Here at BENTO, we’re known for our greatly varied and customizable options – perfect for sharing with the family (or for those on-the-go!)! Another lucky food item loved by many are our noodles, which are another East Asian staple full of symbolism. Representing longevity due to their length, noodles are commonly eaten on birthdays to encourage a lengthy life to come. Aside from birthdays, longevity noodles are also eaten during Lunar New Year. Indicative of a long life to come, it is integral that you do not cut your noodles while consuming (for obvs reasons), so get ready to practice your noodle pulling 😉. BENTO encourages you to invite a life of vigor during this year’s festivities by pairing one of our many noodle options with your entree of choice. On February 15th, get $4 off any (1) Noodle Bowl when you order online for pickup! Login and enter code “LONGLIFE” during checkout.



A great way to bring even more longevity into your life is to consume more healthy foods, and fish is a great source of vitamins and nutrients. The Cantonese word for fish, 魚 (pronounced yoo/yu), is a homonym for “surplus”. Therefore, whole fish is yet another symbolic food consumed during Lunar New Year to bring abundance into the year to come. Basically, having a surplus at the end of each year is believed to bring even more the following year. On February 22nd, get HALF OFF a Classic Roll when you login and use code “LUCK” during checkout at or on our mobile app. 🐟   Happy Lunar New Year and may your bellies be full of BENTO goodness! Let’s see how lucky you are this year! 😉 Happy Feasting, ✨The BENTO Family✨

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