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Seeking romance in 2021?

Look no further than the Chinese zodiac signs. Similar to Western astrology, the Chinese zodiac signs are used to connect people who are a good match in regard to personality traits pertaining to their sign 💫. This rotation around the sun, Lunar New Year takes place beginning on February 12th and will last 16 days, therefore happening concurrently with Valentine’s Day. As we celebrate Lunar New Year and head into the year of the ox, we will spill all the tea (Boba, anyone?) on zodiac compatibility to enlighten you, on what the stars have in store 🥰.

The year 2021 is not meant for just any ox, it is the year of the metal ox ⛓.

Each Chinese calendar year is also marked by an element (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Metal elements are indicated by birth years ending in 0 or 1, meaning the last metal year was just this past year (2020 will not be missed). Strong work ethic, honesty, and popularity are key traits of those born during the year of the metal ox. Celebrities born during the year of the metal Ox range from former POTUS, Barack Obama, to the one and only Carol Baskin. Cat lovers rejoice 😻! Buckle up BENTO fam, because this tunnel of love is a crazy one 😉.

  • The first stop on this adventure of celestial love is the year of the rat 🐀. Their superb interpersonal skills make them especially compatible with those born during the year of the ox, who can be stubborn individuals.
  • Also compatible with oxen are those born under the year of the snake. The two signs are said to have a deep physical attraction to one another 💖.
  • Humans born under the sign of the rooster are rumored to have tender and warm hearts. These traits mesh well with oxen, who are driven by honesty and conservatives.

The end of this tunnel of love is in sight but, before we hop off, let’s discuss who is NOT compatible with oxen.

  • If you were born under the year of the horse, date oxen at your own risk 😳. Oxen tend to take life very seriously and don’t have quite as free a spirit as horses, often leading to conflicts when dating 😡.
  • Another Chinese zodiac sign rumored to butt heads with oxen is that of the goat 🐐 (pun intended). Those born during the year of the goat easily clash with oxen, thus resulting in prolonged tension when around one another.

Now that we have scared you into (or away) from romance this Lunar New Year, take a look at this chart for a more in-depth look at Chinese zodiac compatibility!

Zodiac Compatibility Chart
Bento Lychee Slush

Once you have found your Chinese zodiac lover, stop by BENTO to seal the deal. The Chinese lychee fruit is rumored to bring love and romance to those who consume them, it only makes sense to indulge your senses with our lychee boba slush while you ring in the Year of the Ox 💕!