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Did you know one-sixth of the world celebrates Lunar New Year? Now whether or not you personally celebrate this event, chances are you know someone who does.

As the color red in Chinese culture represents happiness, wealth, prosperity, and brings good luck, we’re inviting everyone to come sport RED in honor of the holiday for a chance to receive Bento mystery rewards you can redeem at a later date.

Come out, wear red and see how lucky you get!

As you may have some questions regarding the event, we’ve put together a short FAQ to cover all your questions.

Happy Lunar New Year and may the odds be ever in your favor!

-The Bento Fam

  1. Can I redeem this offer as a take-out order?

Yes, this special is valid for dine-in and take-out (excludes Uber eats, and other delivery services).

  1. What locations are participating in this offer?

We’re honoring this as a company-wide promotion.

  1. Can I combine this offer with other specials?

No, this is an exclusive offer for just the Lunar New Year.

  1. What do I have to wear to receive an envelope?

We’re excited to see you sport all the red you can! Just to simplify what is valid during the special we’ve broken it down:

a. An article of clothing that is at least 50% red (E.g. red shoes, red shirt, red pants, or a red jacket)

b. No red accessories or red purses

c. What constitutes “wearing red” is at the ultimate discretion of Bento personnel.

  1. What is inside of the envelope?

There will be special Bento deals that can be used through the end of May 30, 2018.

  1. Is the offer per party or per person?

The offer is limited one per transaction.

  1. When is Lunar New Year?

This year Lunar New Year falls on Friday, February 16th.

  1. When is our Lunar New Year campaign timeframe?

The campaign is going on Thursday, February 15th through Friday, February 16th.

  1. Can I still redeem the offer if I just wear a red accessory?

No, jewelry and makeup are not valid for this special.

  1. When can I redeem my prize from the envelope?

Guests are welcome to come back and redeem the offers from February 19th through May 30th, 2018.